Cakes, cakes and more cakes

Had some theme cakes to make up.  Dessert making gives you no time for blogging, really… just a few pics from the last few weekends of my cakes heehee.   🙂

IMG_20170409_091250IMG_20170409_091311IMG_20170409_091337disco cakeIMG_20170325_204808IMG_20170325_204846

Pirate Ship Cake

Just finished our first theme cake “The Pirate Ship”  yeayyyy!  We think it turned out great.  Would love to hear some feed back on what YOU all think?

This cake is almost all edible, except for the jute on the sails, our little cardboard cartoon picks and the masts.  Even the water and portholes can be eaten!!

Loved making this cake.

pirate ship 002