Kate Spade Themed Bridal Shower

Wanted to share some photos of some sweets that I made for a bridal shower this weekend. The popular Kate Spade was the theme. So of course it was all about polka dots, stripes, flowers and a hint of hot pink….and of course CaKe!

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Easter Garden Cupcakes

Easter will soon be hopping upon us, so I have been thinking up what I want my cupcakes to look like on my Easter table.  Hmmm, sooooo I have come up with a garden trellis with little roses!  I made up some Royal Icing roses and decorated my cupcakes garden style.  I think all the pastel colors made it look so springy!

Easter Garden Cupcakes.
Easter Garden Cupcakes.

My Royal Icing Roses are available in my Etsy shop:


Soft Pink Royal Icing Roses 1/2".
Soft Pink Royal Icing Roses 1/2″.