Jessika & Simon Wedding

Had the pleasure of making Jessika & Simon’s Wedding cake and sweet confections. Congratulations to the couple!

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Charmed Sweets has a “Sweet” offer for anyone who places an order for a Wedding Cake during the Spring or Summer or Fall season 2018, will receive a FREE 6″ cake that will be valid for one year from the time of your booking.

I invite you to bring in a photo or your own cake design of how you want your wedding cake to look, or I can design a cake just for you.

I have a large list of wedding cake flavours for you to choose from, you can even bring in your own ideas for flavours. I also make it possible for you to have a taste testing as well.



Marble Wedding Cake 3 Tiers

Jelly-Roll Heaven

Awww Jelly-Rolls… don’t you just love them?  They are such a versatile dessert in my opinion.  The ingredients can be so simple or slightly complicated, but whatever you choose, however you decorate them, they can be quite awesome. I have made many a jelly-rolls and they are one of my favorites because you can just about make any flavor and fill them with whatever you want. Possibilities are endless and they are the perfect treat for your holiday (or any day) dessert table. Just saying….

My Black Forest Jelly Roulé complete with Kirsch soaked sour cherries and dark chocolate fans (or my attempt at making fans, hahaha) …Magnifique!


Pavlova Hearts

My first attempt at Pavlova was a success!  Usually made as one mound of meringue that is baked, crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside.  I piped out heart shaped forms for individual desserts.  Topped with whipped cream and an assortment of fresh fruit and just a drizzle of passion fruit. Next time I will tint the meringue.  They turned out great!  Pavlova hearts were just perfect for my elegant dessert table.


The Fruitcakes Are Coming…The Fruitcakes Are Coming

Yes!  The time is here, Village sweets wants everyone to know that Fruitcakes should not get such a bad rap… I mean hello?  What is so bad about them?  They are great looking, Festive, filled with delicious fruits and nuts.  A slice with tea or coffee, PERFECT!  So why is Fruitcake always getting the low down?  Because you have not had a Village Sweets Fruitcake of course!  

Now is the time to get your orders placed for our wonderful fruitcakes.  We are offering a large 6″ fruitcake (over 3″ high) or an individual Fruitcake 4″ (2″ high).  Both these cakes are being offered in a Rum or Brandy and also a med-light or dark cake.  The choice is yours. 

For gift giving and immediate consumption.  Village Sweets Fruitcakes can be elegantly covered in Fondant for a beautiful presentation to your guests or host (hostess).  Please note the fondant covered cakes should be consumed within one week.  

Individual Rum Fruitcake Elegantly covered in Fondant.
Individual Rum Fruitcake Elegantly covered in Fondant.


Beautiful 6" Fruitcake filled with fruits & Nuts, offered in Rum or Brandy or a med-light or dark cake
Beautiful 6″ Fruitcake filled with fruits & Nuts, offered in Rum or Brandy or a med-light or dark cake