Just Baked

Tried out a few new things…  posting them here and on my instagram (LINDA.VS) and as always my facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/Village-Sweets-464749556939290/)

The pudding cups would be sooo cool for your Easter Dessert table   😀    My pudding cups had bits of Angel food cake. Flavors consisted of:  1)  Chocolate with a toasted marshmallow cap.   2) Coconut cream with a meringue cap (lightly toasted).   3) Banana cream with a whipped cream topping and sliced bananas.   4) Custard and whipped topping (in pretty pastel cups and saucers).   I think the possibilities are endless…

I also baked a delicious Applesauce Cake drizzled with caramel sauce (My applesauce and caramel sauce will soon be available for purchase at my Etsy shop village sweets, woohoo!).

Happy Baking everyone!



Good For You Brownies

Delicious moist Good For You Brownies that taste amazing.  These brownies contain a load of good ingredients, Almond Butter – Sweet Potato – Dates – Dark Chocolate – unsweetened Applesauce – Egg Whites ….   What they don’t contain is flour, butter, white sugar.  

Dates?  Are they good or bad?  They are 100% natural, yes they do have a lot of sugar but that sugar is all natural, no processing.  They are very low in sodium and saturated fat.  They have no cholesterol and are high in dietary fibre.   This is one dessert that satisfies my sweet tooth   🙂 

Dark Chocolate  Brownies
Dark Chocolate Brownies

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