Iron Throne Cake

Have you heard of “Game of Thrones”, okay I know….WHO the heck hasn’t.  I must admit, I am an absolute fan of the tv series.  I cannot wait for Sunday (April 6, 2014) to get here so I can just sit and watch the must anticipated season 4 Game of Thrones.  Everywhere I look is Game of Thrones paraphenalia, and I LUVVV it!  So I was more then eager to start this next project in the baking studio…  A Game of Thrones “Iron Throne” cake, of course I added a little extra, like the RED leaves from the Weirwood tree and three Dragon Eggs. This cake better get eaten quickly before those eggs hatch!  

Game Of Thrones "Iron Throne" Cake.
Game Of Thrones “Iron Throne” Cake.
Throne Right Side View.
Throne Right Side View.
Throne Back View
Throne Back View
Throne Left Side View.
Throne Left Side View.

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